About Gainesville Harmony Show Chorus

"They Made My Ears Smile"

After attending a performance of the Gainesville Harmony Show Chorus, a child was asked by her Mother if she liked the show - the child replied, "Yes, they made my ears smile!" After reflecting on the child's statement the adults realized how true it was.

The enjoyment of barbershop harmony is one trait that everyone seems to express when they hear the traditional four part harmony.  This tradition is very much alive today in the award winning Gainesville Harmony Show Chorus.

In April of this year, the chorus was awarded first place in the state wide small chorus competition and awarded fifth place in the overall standings - competing against choruses much larger.

These dedicated members are proud of their accomplishments and attribute their success to a combined excellence of co-directors Diane Sherley and Chanda Morris and the commitment of chorus members to do their best and expand their horizons.

Every Thursday night the chorus meets to practice, learn, and perfect their individual voices into a four part harmony blend. Although they all strive for the perfect blend and matching of sound, as individuals they are quite diverse. Ranging in age from 20 to 70, most all of them have or had full time careers.  Several are now retired but the majority still work full time in a wide range of occupations (Teachers, bankers, administrators, computer whizzes, sales, secretarial, research scientists, medical professionals, social workers, librarians and many more).  Hobbies range from karate to quilting and include avid readers, walkers, traveling, gardening, tai chi, aerobics, golf and swimming.

Our members are committed to singing and demonstrate this commitment in annual performances (Christmas shows, state competitions and community outreach).

New members are always welcome and encouraged to be a part of this dynamic group.

So, if you want to help make someone's ears smile, come join us at rehearsal:

7:00pm to 9:30pm on Thursdays
Grace Presbyterian Church
3146 NW 13th Street, Gainesville, FL
Contact: Beth Ripple
(352) 870-5555