Chanda Morris

Certified Director, Co-Director
2004 to 2015

Chanda became an assistant director in 2002 and became Diane's co-director in 2004 when co-director Beth Ripple stepped down. In 2008 she completed the Region's Director Certification Program to become a certified director.

Since her mother, Diane Sherley, was a founding member of the chorus, Chanda had wanted to join from the time of the group’s inception in 1974. She would tag along with her mother to rehearsals, but had to wait until she was 14 to be a member. Chanda has been in the chorus for 33+ years and grew up in a very musical family. Her parents, grandparents and an aunt were all singers, so it must have been destiny she ended up sharing the directing duties with her mother.

Chanda says she loves being part of a wonderful family of singers. She has a marvelous husband.   She is also a member of "On The Edge" quartet, singing tenor with a voice angels would applaud.