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Our membership is ALWAYS open and all chorus rehearsals are open to visitors! We work hard, and we play hard too! We meet Thursday nights for rehearsal, we attend a few singing conventions and weekend chorus retreats, we compete in the Coastal Harmony Region 9 annual chorus competitions, and we perform throughout the year.


Starting at 7:00pm every Thursday

Rehearsals are continuing on Zoom and in person with social distancing requirements.
If interested please contact: Sharon Sperling at [email protected].

Also, please click this link to fill out the Rehearsal Visitor Form or scan the QR code below.


You don't have to read music to be a member! Our (free) singer training program uses master coaches from Sweet Adelines International to augment our in-house training programs and help you become skilled in the barbershop vocal style. We work on our musical craft at home, in the car and on the risers together. While on the risers our musical team uses a variety of teaching methods to ensure that we reach every learning style. Once we learn our music, we bring in the best barbershop coaches in the world to share their knowledge and experience to guide us along the path of achieving our highest musical goals. If you're like most of our members, Gainesville Harmony Show Chorus will provide some of the most exhilarating and challenging musical experiences of your life while you make friendships that last a lifetime.



You sing a few scales in private for a member of our music team, who points you toward the right voice part. You stand on the risers next to someone who sings your voice part and you are provided a folder with the evening’s sheet music.

  1. We give you recorded learning media and sheet music for a song, so you can learn it. Our members will help you if you have questions or trouble.
  2. You audition by singing your part for your section leader after you have attended at least three rehearsals and have learned the audition song.
  3. Your section leader may make recommendations on some things you could improve upon. She may ask you to take some more time to work on those things and come back the next week to audition. You have more than one try to get it right, but most people pass the audition on the first or second try!